“We have been fishing with Ken for the past 6 years and each year he has never disappointed. His ability to consistently produce great results for both Chinook, Coho and Halibut is a testament to his knowledge and skill. Not only does he fill our coolers, but he truly looks after his us when we are on his boat.”

We always look forward to the summer and fishing with Ken.

- Victor Coblenz and the boys


“We have been fishing with Ken Myers for over 8 years now.  Every year that we go fishing we always limit out on our catch.  Ken is an expert whose knowledge of finding us the ‘big ones’ never ceases to amaze us; proof of that was the big Hali (135#) caught by Gene last July 2012, it took everything Gene and Ken had to lift it up for a photo.  We always look forward to see Ken every year not only for the fishing but the fun we can have with him!!  There is always something new to see or fish that we had never caught before.”

Take care!!

Chery and Gene


“To all of you fishermen looking for a trip where you’re not fighting a dozen other fishing lines may I recommend Ken Myers. First off Ken has one of the best boats I’ve had the privilege to fish from. It took several days for the smile on my face to relax after cursing along in the open ocean at 50 MPH! The only thing that rivals Ken’s boat is his knowledge of his chosen profession! The combination of Ken’s knowledge and equipment means for anyone lucky enough to book with him is that you’re going to have an action packed day catching fish!”

Thanks again Ken & I will see you in early July!

-Jeff Reich


“Here’s a photo of our first “afternoon” adventure…we lost count of how many 20 pounders we released this first afternoon, unbelievable fishing. The big fish on the left is 35lbs.

Also is a picture of Dad with his 35lb salmon, I now have orders to ensure we let him know if any trips are in the works as he is wanting to come back again…I will send another pic of the 65lb halibut we caught the same day.

Thanks again;  and rest easy knowing we will continue coming back as long as we can, what a trip!!!!”


Cody, Nick and Denny


“We have been fishing with Ken for 10 years now and we always plan our 10 to 12 day trip from Oklahoma to the island around a fishing experience with the Myster. And you can be sure it will be an experience. We always get great fish and usually limit out. See attached photos as proof. Di caught a 49lb 4oz  salmon (won two K in the derby)  and I attribute all the catches to Ken (I won’t reveal his secrets but he knows the drill).

The trips are very entertaining and Ken can be serious or funky upon request. His old boat was great but we chummed the fish a time or two when the swells were high. The new boat cuts the swells and can get you from point A to point B in short order.

We consider Ken to be a good friend and the best guide on the Island. My opinion is that Uculet is also the best place to launch from and to hang out in. Great food, sight seeing, and accommodations.”

Bob & Di Abernathy


“I am happy to vouch for you and your services anytime.  We really enjoyed every trip we made with you.  I was in the business for close to 30 years and know a good guide when I find one.  That’s why we always tried to book you every time we went to Ucluelet.  Your knowledge of the area is incredible and you handle fish better than anyone I have ever seen.  If you ever need a reference feel free to use my name whenever you like.

The attached pic is a typical trip with you on our annual meat trip.  We always got what we went for and had a good time to boot.  With me in the pic is Gord Knight from Chicago and Cliff Dietz from Calgary.  It was Cliff’s first trip with you and he was speechless and really tired from catching fish all day.”

All the best.

John leinweber – Qualicum Beach formerly of Bowser Bills


“We went on a family fish trip with the fishmyster in late May of 2012. My two brothers and a nephew took our Dad (and Grandfather)on a 3 day trip with Ken, we had a great time. Ken did an excellent job making sure Dad (who is 83 years old) was comfortable and warm. When Dad caught a fish Ken was right there to help him with the fish and we could get some great photos. Ken’s boat was much more than what we expected. It was fast, comfortable, and very fisherman friendly. All other equipment (rods,reels,etc.) were all top notch.
On any fishing trip the weather and the fish are two things you cannot control, but with Ken’s boat and knowledge of the ocean neither was a problem. We always were comfortable and caught lots of nice salmon, halibut, rock bass and cod. We even had time to check his crab traps, and dig for clams, oysters and mussels. Needless to say we had some great suppers.

We all strongly recommend planning your next trip with Ken. We hope to go again soon and for sure we will be calling him.”

The Klenk Family


“Fishing with Ken and Fishmyster is as good as it gets!

You think you really know what’s going on. Got your gear dialed. Lures and baits tuned in. Trolling speed bang-on. Boom…then along comes Kenny taking it to a new level! Of all my years angling I have encountered few guides or fishermen on their game like Ken. From razor sharp hooks to decades of working like an ocean ninja to his awesome boat…the Fishmyster has the West Coast of Vancouver Island dialed in like nobody else!”


Tim Milne, Big Coast


“Ken Myers is, without question, one of the very best professional fishing guides working in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 20 years I have worked in the B.C. sportfishing sectors as a writer, television and video producer, marketing consultant and promoter. I have featured, in both magazine articles and videos, literally dozens of B.C.’s superb professional fishing guides. Ken Myers is at the very top of that lengthy list. Ken is safe, organized, well equipped and has a remarkable knowledge of local fresh and tidal sport fisheries. If you are considering booking a trip with Ken – do not hesitate!”

Victoria, B.C.


“Kenny Myers is not only the finest guide in the Pacific, he is the wizard of the seas.”

Dr. Lawrence Winkler


“Well Ken I would love it if this picture of my son Kyle and you with his very first steelhead would make your website. My son still talks about the jetboat ride up and down the river,also how much fun you made it for him as well. He still cant believe how well you know the river and are able to put us on so many fish. My sons exact words were ( he knows that freakin river so well he could probably do it with his eyes closed) and I said YUP he probably could.

This is one of my first steelies on the stamp, we had a great time out there and caught LOTS of fish,and the boat ride through the bucket was very exciting and fun YAAHOO

Also, is a nice one with Robin on our 2nd year out with you, and again was an awesome time thanks many times over bud.”