Your Steelhead Fishing Adventures Starts Here!

Steelhead Fishing Paradise!

Picture yourself making a cast into one of the countless pristine rivers on Vancouver Island! Imagine the feeling of fresh mountain water running over your boots while you inhale some of the freshest air in the world! Visualize your hands gently cradling an ocean bright wild steelhead as you admire one the most beautiful and mysterious creatures in Mother Nature’s aquatic garden! You too can share the dream of steelhead fishing BC and be the proud holder of precious steelhead fishing memories!


Steelhead Fishing Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a haven for anglers who seek the thrill of catching wild steelhead! Over 120 of Vancouver Island’s streams are known to hold steelhead. Many of these water ways have both summer and winter run strains of these large sea rearing rainbow trout that make for year round angling opportunity. There are various access options that accommodate all levels of anglers. If you prefer to drift/jet one of the larger streams or hike into a remote area where there are no footprints other than you own, steelhead fishing Vancouver Island is the place that offers it all.


Stamp River Steelhead Fishing

Four Species of Pacific Salmon and Steelhead make their home the Stamp and Sproat River systems. These two great rivers converge to make the Somass and flood into the Port Alberni Inlet. Alberni Valley features the largest Water Shed on the Island. This combined with the Robertson Creek Fish Hatchery located on the Stamp River provide one of the best boat fishing opportunities in the province. Having hatchery enhancement this large system is of the last few places to harvest a steelhead. Consistent steelhead returns with great boating access brings thousands of anglers to Port Alberni fishing to live their dreams. This is truly a great location for all levels of angler from novice to advanced. Come fish with guide Ken Myers and hang on! Enjoy a white water zodiac ride up class three water to cast at chrome winter steelhead. Stamp and Sproat rivers are best fished from a boat and no wadding is necessary. Check out some pictures from past steelhead adventures.


Remote Access BC Steelhead Fishing

For those in search of true wild “head”! West coast Vancouver Island still has some of the most pristine and remote rivers coast wide. The rugged geographical lay of the land combined with relentless winter elements protect this beautiful area from being encroached on by civilization. Although over 100 years of logging has tapped into nearly every watershed there are still many untouched systems and ones that the wilderness has taken back over. In some wilderness reclaimed areas the footprint of past industry is now difficult to find. These, restricted to boat access streams, rarely see anglers and support stable runs of steelhead. Often you would be the only angler for the season. “As good as it gets” To spend a day hiking up a remote stream with no rush, competition or worries in your head while casting to fresh running “head” that have never seen a hook is an ultimate unforgettable experience!

Experience fishing with guide Kenny Myers who has been a steelhead fishing junkie since a young age. Ken has helicoptered, float planed, boated, hiked or tobogganed into a majority of BC’s coastal rivers and creeks. If exploring wild steelhead streams is your desire Kenny Myers is the guy to bring you to it. You can fish a different river each day. Enjoy a soothing hot soak at beautiful Hot Springs Cove and beach comb for foreign treasure along the beaches of remote Brooks Peninsula! Explore the coast in style with a 2005 Fountain 38lx as the mother ship carrying a 15ft Zodiac grand raider with 30hp Yamaha jet for river assault/landing craft. You can live the dream! Visit our testimonials page to see what some of our clients think about fishing with Ken!

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