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Salmon Fishing BC with Fishmyster!

FISHING IN BC is known world wide as one of the best angling experiences available to the worlds fishing fanatics! The fertile streams of western North America are the reproductive grounds for five species of pacific salmon. Millions of juvenile salmon annually leave fresh water after one year rearing in these streams and head north. An amazing spring migration brings young salmon up the coast to areas of southeast Alaska and the Bering sea. This is where they grow and mature for a time of one to seven years. Every summer hundreds of thousands of mature salmon weighing an average of eight- fifty pounds start a massive migration back down the pacific west coast to search out their natal streams. The drive of these magnificent fish to conquer the many oceans hurdles and ability then find their river of origin is part of what makes them so special. Coincidentally anglers world-wide come to BC sport fishing in pursuit of these hard fighting and tasty quarry. Salmon fishing BC is truly an unforgettable experience for any outdoor enthusiast!


Salmon Fishing Vancouver Island!

Ucluelet, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the main locations where anglers who come salmon fishing BC intercept mature salmon migrating to home streams. La Parouse and Amphritrite banks are under water plateaus spanning up to thirty miles off the Island’s coast near Ucluelet. These ‘Western grand banks” create an upwelling of nutrient rich ocean currents that attract a huge biomass of various fish and wildlife. The oceans incredible food chain is to be witnessed in full swing here. Starting with zoo plankton to herring/sardines to salmon/halibut to albatross/sheerwaters to whales/sea lions and much more marine life can be observed in a days fishing here! This plethora of life is one of the last feeding stops for the thousands of salmon migrating home to great southern rivers. Salmon heading to famous rivers like the Frazer, Columbia and Sacramento all pass by and gorge on the bonanza of baitfish here. Ucluelet is geographically located on a pinch point of the southern salmon migration. This along with a beautiful village full of facilities has made the Ucluelet area a desired destination for salmon fishing BC.


Barkley Sound and the Near Coast

During the spring and early summer many of the front runner salmon or first to migrate will be found hugging the coast. At this time of year the sheltered waters of Barclay sound hosts some of the best fishing in BC! Enjoy the sheltered waters and breathe taking scenery of the Broken group islands while in chase of the red fleshed Chinook salmon. These early migrating salmon go farther inland to spawn than most so have more stored oils stored in their flesh to carry them till fall spawning season. They are the best of the best from a culinary view. Barclay sound, Amphritrite bank, Long beach are all areas that lie on Ucluelet’s doorstep and provide excellent fishing for these prized sport fish.


Our Charters Salmon Fishing BC

Come “experience it all” aboard the M/V Overkill! Tear up the waves in a luxurious Fountain 38lx while in hot pursuit of salmon and halibut. The Overkill is a beast of a boat powered by three 300hp Mercury Verados. She’s also rigged with the most modern electronics and safety gear to ensure safe travels ie. radar, GPS, VHF Radio, life preservers, liferaft and satellite phone. You will cruise to the fishing grounds smoother, faster and safer than any other boat on the water! This vessel has been customized for fishing in BC and the pacific northwest. To ensure your comfort the vessel is also equipped with an Espar diesel furnace, stabilizers and enclosed stand up head. We use nothing but the best when it comes to our fishing gear. Islander Reels with ten six Sage Rods are staple gear for tackling salmon. It is our goal to provide you with the best experience that salmon fishing British Columbia has to offer. Combine your salmon fishing BC experience with one of our halibut fishing charters.



Bring Lots of Coolers!

Limits are the goal so multiple days of fishing can result in serious poundage of fish. All fish are bonked, bled, dressed and iced on board to keep your catch in premium condition. After fishing your catch will be packaged for transportation (filleting, bags and ice provided). Custom vacu-seal and freezing is available but not provided.

Contact Kenny Myers at 250-720-5118 or for up-to-date information or if you have special requests or specific needs.