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Halibut fishing in the North Pacific. Until recent years this denizen of the deep was mainly utilized by commercial fishers only to accommodate the world’s hungry seafood restaurant menus. The abundant halibut of the north pacific became popular because of such tender mild flavored flesh that would hold its freshness while in transit to distant consumers. Culinary popularity drives what now has become a multi-million dollar annual commercial harvest. Halibut fished from the Pacific Northwest can be found on dinner plates in high end diners as far away as New York, London or Tokyo.


Halibut fishing BC!

Now, no longer just a commodity of seafood wholesalers, halibut has also become a highly praised sport fish. Legendary tales of epic battles between man and fish have named the halibut to be a creature of potential destruction! Known to bust up boats or even break legs when landed, these fish have earned their reputation. Popularity draws thousands of adventurous sport fishers come fishing in BC every summer in pursuit of this nostalgic fish which can grow to monstrous proportions. Visit our saltwater fishing gallery for more photos!


Halibut Fishing Vancouver Island

Halibut inhabit the Pacific Northwest ranging from Northern California to Alaska and into the Bearing Sea. Being centrally located along the species range Vancouver Island is one of the best destinations for reliable catches of halibut. Seasonal migrations from deep water[500-1200ft] to shallow[<300ft] bring swarms of feeding butts to the near costal areas. Chicken halibut prey on local forage fish like herring, sand lance, opal squid and sole. Larger [barn door] butts prefer bigger food including octopus, Dungeness crab, urchins, dogfish, rock fish or anything that will fit into their mouth. LaParouse bank, commonly known as the “hali highway”, an underwater plateau just off the coast of V.I. is a big producing area. Other excellent areas near Ucluelet include Long Beach, Amphitrite Bank and Cape Beale. If it is halibut fishing you are interested in then fishing Vancouver Island should be in your fishing holiday plans!


Our Halibut Fishing Charters!

Day charters out of Ucluelet BC fishing halibut and salmon with veteran guide Ken Myers. Blast through the elements aboard the comfortable m/v “Overkill” while searching out the seas incredible bounty! “Overkill” is a 2005 Fountain 38 luxury edition sport fisher that has been customized for fishing in the pacific northwest. Powered with triple 300 verados to get you there on time she is also equipped with all modern navigation and safety equipment including life raft and satellite phone. Guide Ken Myers has fished all over the B.C. coast commercial, charter and pleasure fishing for over 25 years. When it comes to BC halibut fishing, Ken is the man to help you do it. May to September is the prime fishing season for salmon and halibut with June to August being the most consistent for halibut. Along with halibut, lingcod, snapper and rock fish are commonly targeted thus adding to the catch! Combine your halibut fishing adventure with one of our salmon fishing charters for the ultimate Vancouver Island fishing experience. Check out our testimonials page to see what some of our clients think.


Caring for Your Catch

Being from a commercial fishing past Ken is fully dedicated to preserving you catch to be the best possible table product. All fish are promptly subdued, bled, iced, filleted and packaged for transportation. Ice and bags are provided. Vacuum sealing and flash freezing can be arranged but is not provided.

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