Four seasons of Fishing in BC!

Fishing in BC Year Round!

Amongst the vast waterways and marine zones of British Columbia are a multitude of diverse angling opportunities. Whether it is chasing beautiful chrome wild steelhead on pristine coastal streams or harvesting the bounty of the sea fishing Vancouver Island is where it’s at.

Winter Fishing in BC!

For those seeking the challenge of catching BC winter steelhead! Endless river systems await the adventurous anglers to encounter the pleasure of catching, photographing and releasing B.C.’s most challenging game fish.

Cold clear oceanic water conditions during the winter months make for the best time to harvest bivalve mollusks and crustaceans. [Clams, oysters, mussels, pacific spot prawns, Dungeness crab and others…] Everything needed to create the most exotic bouillabaisse is at its prime time to be harvested now! This area sees a significant decrease in marine traffic thru the winter months creating a quiet pleasant appeal.

Spring Fishing in BC!

In the spring sun warmed waters enriched by mountain runoff triggering algae and plankton blooms. This is the annual kick start of the food coastal food chain! All species of fish become active now. Bottom fishing is at its best with lingcod, snappers and halibut being big on the menu. The delicious red fleshed spring Chinook salmon are migrating thru too. Spring is one of the best times of year to plan your fishing trips in Canada that will offer a wide variety of species to harvest.

Fishing in BC All Summer Long!

The migration is on! All species of pacific salmon have an annual brood. These adult salmon migrate south from the northern rearing grounds to find their way home to one of the countless reproductive streams of western North America. During this staging time is excellent for catching trophy sized salmon! Large Chinook or “Tyee” are hugging the coast gorging on sand lance, herring and squid as one of their last few good meals before advancing to the streams to spawn. All five species are at their max seasonal abundances and are passing thru the area. Halibut have been also feeding heavily until now and consistent harvests continue right thru till the end of summer. SALMON FISHING TRIPS are usually combined with halibut fishing now and limits of both are common.

Fall Fishing in BC!

This is the wind down season for ocean fishing on the west coast. The hustle bustle of peek tourist season has passed. The fishing hasn’t slowed down though! All summer the migrating salmon have stock piled up in the estuaries of their home streams. As the fall rains start eager salmon charge up the newly flushing streams to complete the final stage of a most incredible journey. Although salmon do not feed as they enter fresh water they still bight lures out of feeding instinct and territorial aggression. This makes for some spectacular stream fishing. Salmon, cutthroat trout and steelhead all cohabitate and flourish with the seasonally increased stream discharges. Unforgettable sun sets, beautiful fall fauna colors combined with mild climate and great fishing make this truly a great time to plan a trip to B.C. fishing, camping, exploring and enjoying some good old Vancouver ‘island time”!